My Health and Mental Health Rights: Sex Ed, Pregnancy, and More

Student Mental Health Rights

Content warning These Know Your Rights materials and linked resources discuss sensitive or triggering information on topics including but not limited to alcohol/drugs, child abuse, self-harm, and suicide. Please practice self-care. If you need immediate help related to mental health or suicide, please see the resources at the bottom of the page and contact someone […]

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Students Experiencing Homelessness

Am I considered “homeless” or unhoused? You may be considered homeless or unhoused if you are: Sharing another person’s house, such as a friend or relative, because your family cannot afford to live alone or because you lost your housing or have nowhere else safe to go. This is often called “doubling up.” For example,

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Student Health Rights

ACCESSING CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL SERVICES DURING SCHOOL Do I have the right to access and receive health services as a student? YES. In California, students have many rights when it comes to accessing health services. In fact, California has some of the strongest laws in the country that protect your right to access certain sensitive health

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Sex Education

What is The California Healthy Youth Act? The California Healthy Youth Act is a 2016 law that requires all California public schools to teach comprehensive sex education to their students at least once in middle school and once in high school. Why does this matter? We know that people have healthier lives when they’re given

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