My Right to Feel Safe and to Be Myself at School

Student Rights to Tribal, Cultural, and Religious Objects at Graduation

Do I have the right to wear tribal regalia or other items of religious or cultural significance, like an eagle feather, at my graduation ceremony? YES. California state law specifically protects students’ right to wear “traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at school graduation ceremonies.”1 In addition, […]

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Student Disability Rights

What are my Student Disability Rights? Are there laws that protect me if I have a disability? Yes. The two main laws are the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which people usually just call “Section 504.” The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) also protects students with disabilities.

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Student Protests & Political Speech

Know your rights about Student Protests & Political Speech Can I be disciplined for participating in a walkout or off-campus protest? Because the law requires you to attend school, the administration can take corrective action against you for missing school, even if you miss school to participate in a political protest. However, the school cannot

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File a Complaint With Your School

How to File a Complaint with your school related to bullying, harassment, or discrimination. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SAFE AT SCHOOL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM BULLYING AND HARASSMENT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HOLD YOUR SCHOOL ACCOUNTABLE UNIFORM COMPLAINT PROCESS CA Code of Regulations (Title 5, section 4600 et

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LGBTQ Student Rights

California has some of the strongest laws in the country to protect and support LGBTQ youth. Unfortunately, these laws often only apply to public or charter schools, not private or religious schools. But some of these laws protect students in non-religious private schools as well. Knowing your rights is the first step in making sure

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Student Expression

The Basics What is freedom of speech? Freedom of speech is the right to express your ideas and beliefs the way you choose. Freedom of speech protects what you say, what you write, and how you express yourself. It protects your ability to protest, meet with other people, and organize. Do I have the right

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School Dress Codes & Uniforms

Can my school make a dress code policy? YES1. But your school’s dress code policy cannot be used to disfavor a specific message or single out one particular group of students. Please note charter schools may be subject to different rules than those below. Can my school enforce its dress code policy against only some

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Harassment & Bullying

Harassment and Bullying, and what to do when it happens What is considered bullying and harassment? BULLYING is when a student causes another student to feel less safe, fearful, or like they are unable to participate in school1.  Bullying, often involves an imbalance of power, and can include physical, verbal, or psychological actions against a

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